"The ultimate word game for any party situation. This game is definately worth paying for if you're constantly with a group of friends and looking for something to do" -- www.appvee.com

Why play Sudoku by yourself, when you can throw a Word Party! Do you enjoy the game Password, Taboo, or Catch Phrase? Then you will love Word Party, the first multi-player, multi-team party game for your iPhone and iPod Touch! You only need one device to get the party started. Have a ball playing with all of your friends at the same time. This game is great fun for all ages, parties, and even long car rides.

Get your team to say the secret word and pass it on. Whoever gets their team to guess all the words in the shortest amount of time wins. For example, get your team to say "Monkey" without using the words "Banana", "Ape", "Primate?, or "Trees". Two modes change the difficulty to allow for beginner and advanced play.

Put a party in your pocket, with Word Party!

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